Calling the called-out ones

You weren’t born to fit in, you were made to stand out.

Remnant leaders are the overcomers in the Body of Christ that prevail, prosper, and shine in spite of incredible darkness in the Earth (Is. 60:1).

They bring God’s solutions to world problems and faithfully execute what He has called them to do, how, and when.

The Remnant walks in overflowing joy, supernatural abundance, infallible faith, mind-boggling boldness, contriteness of heart, fear of the Lord, unwavering love, and supernatural signs and wonders.

God’s 5-Stage Wrecking Ball Plan

In 2011, God revealed His 5-stage plan to wage war against the world’s systems that wants to enslave us. We are presently in Stage 3 when His alternative Kingdom systems are launching! There will be shakings of every kind, but there is a victorious Remnant who will move through those shakings with indescribable joy, infallible faith and extravagant love! Learn more so that you can Be The Remnant!

Are you a Remnant Business Leader?

God is raising up revolutionary, high-producing Kingdom business leaders who are Solutionists in times of chaos. They possess:

Since 2008, Cheryl-Ann has worked exclusively with high-producing Kingdom Business leaders.

Remnant Believers

My passion is to equip you to BE THE REMNANT so you can:

  • Operate in His times and seasons
  • Be prepared with advanced intel from Holy Spirit
  • Execute your assignments with precision

About My Book

Traditional approaches to alignments often cause delays, strife, and lost time and money. Sound Alignment 2.0 breaks through the chaos with a clear 4-part methodology based the science of sound and Biblical instruction. Relevant case studies will motivate you to throw out your old approaches to alignments and move in supernatural business intelligence so you can thrive as a Remnant Leader.

Three Decades Business Consulting

Cheryl-Ann’s passion is seeing the Remnant arise in the fullness of Glory. She has served as a Business Strategist, Prophet, Coach, and is Author of Sound Alignment 2.0. Since 2008, Cheryl-Ann has worked exclusively with Kingdom CEOs and Business Owners. Her clients have been spared over $52 million from mistakes due to accurate business intelligence and prophetic warnings. Cheryl-Ann is founder of Be The Remnant, a ministry dedicated to preparing the Bride for the return of Christ. She is also founder of Leadership Legacy League, serving revolutionary business leaders to be Solutionists in times of chaos.

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