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Prophetic Poem

Many in the Body of Christ are waiting for God to move, but in reality, He is waiting on His Bride to let Him in as He can’t move without her! This is what I heard on July 25, 2020.

A shift is happening
A shift is happening today I say
A shift is happening
There is no other way

For the bowls of incense are beginning to tip
From the prayer and the praise too
I have heard your cries
And I am coming to you

Not as a rescuer. Nor deliverer
Although I am those things
I am coming as the Lion of Judah!
So let your praises ring

For I must have My Bride
I cannot move without her
She’s the one I’ve been waiting for
She has been a locked door

Let Me in! I cry
I want your heart, your ways
THEN we can move together
My Bride with Me, the Ancient of Days

The shakings have revealed the weaknesses
Of distractions and stress
Oh, allow Me to come and touch you!
And heal you of your duress

Is all that is happening around you
More important than Me?
Come! Return!
I am jealous for you, you see

Give me your whole heart
It must begin this day!
I am looking for My Bride
For I am the Ancient of Days


As I pondered this prophecy, three nuances became very clear.

1. Although we may want God to come as Rescuer and Deliverer, He is coming as the Lion of Judah! This requires a response in us of opening our mouths and praising Him! 

Do you remember the story of Jehoshaphat when he learned of three nations coming against him (2 Chron. 20)? He sent out the worshippers first! When they arrived on the battle field, the enemies had killed one another and there was no battle to fight!

This fulfilled the prophecy that this was the Lord’s battle, not theirs (vs. 14-15). Praise is the most powerful frequency we can release to thwart armies at this time.

2. Many are waiting on God to move, but He is waiting on His Bride to let Him in! Here is His heart-felt cry for us!

The Kingdom requires partnership between Jesus and His Bride. He is asking us to let Him heal us of our duress and allow Him to come into our hearts with absolute devotion.

3. He is described as the Ancient of Days. This reference to God is found twice in Daniel 7:13, 22 and Revelation 1:14-15. Here God is described with flowing white hair, sitting on a throne with flaming wheels.

He is assuring us that He is coming to judge or make a determination as to what is of God and what is not. We don’t need to concern ourselves with that.

In summary, Jesus’ cry is for His Bride because He cannot move without her. He is calling us to open our “locked doors” and allow Him in to first place in our hearts and lives.


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